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GreatMarta has limited the viewing of this artwork
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Mjeuri - the black horse by GreatMarta
Mjeuri - the black horse

Mjeuri – son to Hamza, Silent Death; brother to Madhara, Hatari, Jamila; mate to XX ; father to Wahid
Affiliation: Shrublands
Born: 060 AD


The cub is pretty much ignored by the pride for the first 6 years of his life. He and his two brothers are raised by their mother, a female known as Silent Death. She keeps them fed and clean. Plays with them. And, by just being herself, teaches them the Barbarian ways. They see the world the way she sees it, they observe and explore the way she used to as a cub. And, just like her, they absorbed their pride’s main culture from the outside.

Then, all of a sudden, their father remembered they were his sons. He gave them names – Mjeuri, Madhara and Hatari – and begun to train them. The boys were quite surprised by his sudden attention, but their mother didn’t seem to have a problem with that. They apparently were old enough to learn the big male stuff. So they decided to just do what they’re told.

Hamza took them on long walks around the territory, and lectured them on things they saw. On different species of animals and plants. On respecting the circle of life. On reading the clues in their surroundings. On the male’s duty to protect the pride from rogue males.

It was hard observing the surroundings with that guy talking.

Madhara and Hatari got frustrated pretty soon. They bit their father’s tail and heels, so he would stop tormenting them. When he scolded them, they ran away. When he asked them questions, they had a hard time forming answers. They didn’t understand him, and neither he them.

But Mjeuri was different.

True, he found his father weird, but in a fascinating sort of way. He saw a point in passing information through spoken language. And he could see that the older male wanted to bond with them. He just didn’t know how.

So Mjeuri tried to communicate with his sire. Tell him to give them more air. To let them experiment and draw conclusions on their own, rather than supply ready answers. The older lion seemed to get the point. And, from what Mjeuri could tell, was genuinely proud of his eldest son.

The lessons progressed, but with an adjusted program. Madhara and Hatari were taught simple things, and prepared for the role of simple border guards. Mjeuri, who clearly was more intelligent, got to have private lessons with the Lord. Also, perhaps more importantly, private leisure time, becoming absorbed into the core of the pride.

Of everything Hamza taught Mjeuri, one thing was especially important – always protect Jamila.

Jamila was Hamza’s daughter by his favorite female – Jidanganya. The girl was 6 years younger than Mjeuri, and boy, would she need protection. Everybody adored her cuddled her, and said she was their cute little princess. From early on she practiced making sweet expressions and making a good impression. She very much hated having to wait for anything or shaving to share the spotlight with anybody.

“Daddy, you always spend so time with Mjeuri!” she complained, even though Hamza played with her just as often.

“Sweety, daddy has to teach Mjeuri how to protect our land” the Lord would explain patiently. “One day when I’m old and weak somebody has to protect my dearest baby girl”

On his behalf, Mjeuri has no problem with Jamila coming along on the lessons. His sister, however, was not interested in learning. Their father said that perhaps she was too young and should focus on playing with other cubs for the time being. Mjeuri agreed and tried to ignore his sister’s antics, at least until she was old enough to work with.

Unfortunately, nothing much changed as time went by. Jamila did attend lessons of her own, but she always complained about the amount of rules she had to follow. Other females claimed she was a pain to work with, since she showed no respect for the team and blamed them for her own mistakes.

“She’s so vulnerable” Lord Hamza would say.

The older lion seemed oblivious to the fact that his daughter had all the young males in the pride serve her. They performed tricks, brought her food, complemented her looks, and lost their senses when she as much as looked at them. Even when she showed absolutely no gratitude for her efforts. Even when she openly ridiculed them. This “vulnerable little flower” enjoyed being in power. Worse, she expected Mjeuri to serve her as well. And when he refused, she told her parents that he was rude to her. They believed her when she was a cub – which usually ended up in Mjeuri being grounded – but the older she grew, the more Lord Hamza seemed to realize his little girl is not as innocent as he likes to think she is.

“I’m afraid I loved her too much” he confessed to Mjeuri.

The Lord did tell his son of the land he came from. Of the mother he used to hate, but missed bitterly as he grew up. On the disappointment when Silent Death got pregnant so easily while Jidanganya – the female he truly loved – could not seem to conceive, no matter how hard they tried. Mjeuri had to hear all of this and pretend he wasn’t hurt. For he understood, clearer and clearer, that his father had never meant him to be born. And, had Jidanganya had a son, Hamza would never have trained Mjeuri to lead the pride.

There were good points to this arrangement, though. Mjeuri was not as spoilt as his sister. Did not think himself better than other pride members. He respected them, and they learned to respect him. It was him they trusted and looked up to. And he liked it. He knew, once he has children of his own, they shall be brought up as regular members of the pride. None of them shall be a spoilt little prince or princess. One Jamila was quite enough for this pride.

When Mjeuri is worried, he finds support in the pride. Particularly in one female. She genuinely loves him for who he is, and she makes him want to work hard. The world seems so much better when she’s around.

Lord Hamza supports this relationship. Jamila, of course, has issues. She is rude towards Mjeuri’s mate, and claims a common female cannot outrank her – the true princess. This is when Mjeuri gets angry and makes it clear to his sister that he will not tolerate such behavior anymore. The whole pride is fed up with her immaturity, and unless she starts to show them some respect, she will have to look for a new home. The argument is heated and leaves Jamila in tears, but it seems to have done her good in the long run. The young lioness becomes much more quiet afterwards, which is a progress. She doesn’t even throw a tantrum when Mjeuri’s mate reveals she’s pregnant, nor when a son is born. Perhaps they will be able to make a proper lioness out of her after all.

Shortly before Jamila’s first solo hunt, three young male lion invade the Shrublands. Mjeuri and his brothers manage to chase the intruders away, only to discover their father had received lethal wounds before their arrival.

It is amidst great misery that Mjeuri takes on the rank of Lord, but nobody doubts he will do a great job.      

Shahan - imperial pride by GreatMarta
Shahan - imperial pride
Shahan - son to Fahari, Adaeza; mate to Raziya; father to Jahi, Ishara

Affiliation: Spiritlands

Born: 166 AD


Source of intense pride for his entire family from the day he was born, becomes a riddle later on. Shahan is calm, sometimes frighteningly so. Very duty-oriented. He never knew how to play with other cubs, but could spend long hours sitting still and observing bugs. Very obedient as a child, honorable as a ruler. Since he isn't very expressive, he has problems getting along with his betorthed Raziya, but she grows to appreciate the stability and safety he provides.


Current Residence: Warsaw
Favourite cartoon character: Bunji of Bionic Six, Ed and Al Elric of FMA, Neji and Itachi of Naruto, Ito and Makoto of W Juliet
Personal Quote: If it's all about ideas, then I'm gonna defeat Harry Potter
I wrote a song for the needs of one of my HTTYD fanfics (namely "The gift of a mother"). Once I get to this point, I thought it would be cool to let the readers know, at least more-or-less, how this thing sounds. I recorded it myself, but, being perfectly honest, I can't sing a damn. I was wondering if anybody out there capable of doing a better job than myself could do it.

What I need is a post mutation man. A Native Speaker of the English language or somebody with good pronunciation. And somebody with nice singing voice. And good enough devices to record in decent quality.

I can provide my own recording of the song and the lyrics I wrote down. If the singer feels he could improve the text or melody I am open to suggestions.

I should also mention - by no mean will I agree to have this thing posted on youtube, where it could be stolen by anybody. I intend to distribute it to persons who show interest in it by email - this way I will maintain control over who has access to my intelectual property.

Upper Power, my throat still hurts from singing.

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